Centered on Customer

  • • Never stop at satisfying customers; work towards delighting them.
  • • Stop to assess if your work is in line with customers' needs.
  • • Always keep the lines of communication open with customers.
  • • Improve products, processes and services by thinking from the customers' perspective.

Committed to Commitment

  • • Question conventional methods; be innovative.
  • • Answer authority; keep them posted on progress.
  • • Work towards mutual agreement on objectives; set measurable standards.
  • • Deliver promises, on time, every time.

Work with Teamwork

  • • Let business objectives precede personal interests.
  • • Teamwork is helping others as well as seeking support, without hesitation.
  • • Always be open and mark all relationships with respect.
  • • Work towards recognizing and building on others' ideas as well.

Integrity is Integral

  • • Respect others. It is the only way to be respected.
  • • Ethics are the strongest foundation of any business.
  • • The 'open door' policy is the best way to resolve issues.
  • • Most importantly, it is your integrity that makes you the individual that you are.