Quintessential Medical Transcription

MTM delivers a full range of proven transcription services to streamline your medical information processes and achieve fast and predictable medical record documentation for your facility.  We do this with a winning combination of the best people and the most trusted technologies.  Our diligent efforts in providing the most secure environment for patient health information have been widely commended.  What makes us the coveted choice is our HIPAA compliant, round-the-clock services that are nominally priced but highly reliable.

Proven Savings

By outsourcing to MTM, you can enjoy outstanding professional transcription results while eliminating the unnecessary expenses involved with in-house transcription services, such as:

  • • Full-time employment and management salaries including taxes and benefits;
  • • Facility expenses – turnover costs, space per employee;
  • • Recruitment expenses – training costs, advertising costs;
  • • Equipment expenses – TAT delays, dictation/transcription machines and maintenance;
  • • Interim outsourcing – during employee holiday or unexpected sick days.

    Cost analysis shows that facilities of all sizes realize substantial savings by outsourcing to MTM.  When examining cost-per-line proposals of other local companies, MTM has determined that our billing practice provides the lowest rate per line available for the level of services provided.  At MTM, we do not “right justify” lines or use other guileful methods to pad the number of lines calculated and unjustly augment our line costs. We count characters typed using the AHDI 65-character standard to most accurately determine our line calculations and a true line cost.

    HIPAA Compliance

    We comply with HIPAA Privacy Rule requirements in the handling of protected health information in all areas of the company, and with any and all employees, business associates or contractors that are permitted access to PHI.  Health records, personal data and the security of such information have been critical issues in recent years.  HIPAA laws were established to protect the rights of individuals and their records.  MTM is committed to ensuring that all necessary policies, procedures and safeguards are in place at all times.  These policies and processes include but are not limited to HIPAA Training and Confidentiality Agreements for Employees, Business Associate Agreements with Contractors, Application Security, Workflow Security, and Data Center Physical and Electronic Security.  Please contact us for a complete statement of our policies, procedures and safeguards regarding our HIPAA compliant medical transcription services.

    Legal Transcription

    We also provide high quality legal transcription services to assist attorneys and firms document relevant facts and information.  The range of documents handled is prolific and most commonly includes letters, interviews, deposition testimonies, inventor dictations and many more.  Having a collective experience of over a decade, our team of legal transcriptionists is trained to transcribe documents in varied English language accents.  They are also well versed with legal terminology and are constantly mentored to enhance same.  They are also familiar with the general rules of pleading and citation, in order to deliver documents in the most precise manner.  We assure our clients of an unequivocal commitment to accuracy, quick turnaround and quality reporting.

In a nutshell, our transcription services are refreshing, personal, cost-effective, client-friendly and secure!